Design Leadership

One of the greatest joys as a designer is passing on the craft and expertise from one generation of designers to another. As a design leader, my goal is to empower any designer in my care to do their best work by clearing the path for them and ensuring they are supported with everything they need to succeed. Over the past few years, design leadership has become one of my great passions.

Foundations of Leadership

I take a focused, two-prong approach to user experience management. First, I start by sincerely caring about designers by knowing who they are, their passions, and what drives them to allow me to effectively engage with each individual. Secondly, I care for their design work and discipline by mentoring and challenging them through intentional growth opportunities.

Caring for Designers

The most effective leaders are servant-minded, showing genuine care and concern for the people under their care. Deeply knowing them and and what drives them provides a firm foundation for encouraging their growth and clearly communicating.

Caring for the Design

Nurturing the work of a designer is such a rewarding experience. Placing your trust in the designer's ability to handle the challenge while helping them evaluate the solution proposals through heuristics, principles, and best practices while following intentional processes and growing the discipline.

Leading with Intention

For effective design leadership both a care for designers and a care for the design work are required. It takes intention and regular self-checks to ensure the balance is maintained with these two key components. This approach is built on a long history of expertise in the industry and foundation of strong, personal relationships built over time. It's not always easy, but it produces a strong yield that's the job of a design leader.

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