About Me

Hi. I’m Jon Daiello (pronounced "Die-Yellow"), a digital craftsman and design leader from the Midwest. I focus on producing and fostering cohesive, polished user interfaces and then bringing them to life with detail oriented, standards-compliant front-end engineering.

Designing Solutions

Committing to solution-focused strategies that generate unique answers that solve tough problems.

Design Approach

UX Management

Leading in the product space with strategically chosen projects and focusing designers on solid solutions.

Management Methods

Front-End Development

Building web-based applications and websites with standards and modern code using HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.

Development Focus

A little about me...

I am 39 years old and have been married to my wonderful wife for 15+ years. We have 3 amazing children, ranging in ages from 8 to 12 years old. I make friends easily and like to build quality relationships, investing in the lives of those around me. My interests and hobbies include teaching and serving in my local church, loving cars, playing guitar, making things and being the family handyman around the ol’ house.

Believer & Follower

Jesus is my king and that shows itself in the way I live. My goal is to serve God with all my heart, and love others because of what he has done for me.

Husband & Father

Family is a very important part of my life. As a husband, I care for and serve my wife. As a father, I lovingly instruct and train my children.

Woodsmith & Maker

One of my hobbies is building things out of wood. From dining room tables to home repair, I love finding additional outlets for creative problem solving.


The Clifton Strengths framework has been an invaluable tool for interacting with those around me on a profession basis. It builds clarity and understanding between people and personalities, helps craft beneficial meetings, and builds clear engagement points for those around. Here are the top five strengths from my own assessment:

Empathy • Positivity • Restorative • Developer • Strategic

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