Design Practice

Although I'm currently a manager, the bulk of my career has been focused on producing the actual design work that customers experience. Even in my current role, I'm responsible to continue flexing design muscles on projects from time to time. I'm a passionate designer who enjoys collaborating with others to supply practical solutions to problems of all sizes.

Design Skills

With more than a decade of design experience in agencies, freelance, and software companies, I've had a chance to invest in a variety of design skills. I've worked on a wide variety of projects rooted in branding, app, web, and product design I've honed my expertise in the layers that users deeply appreciate

Design Approach

Design is a non-linear approach to solving problems that are often poorly understood. It's a solution-focused approach that build a clearer view of the problem while arriving at a final resolution. It's a methodology where ideas emerge into the clouds but are tethered on the earth they are built on.


It can often look like magic or a meta-physical gift, but creativity is nothing of the sort. Creativity can be summarized as appositional thinking. It's the act of combining, reorganizing, and recombining in new ways to create something new. It's a skill that everyone possesses to one degree or another, and can be developed over time...especially when working with others.


In design, we aren't focused on the problem, we're obsessed with finding a solution. That's why designers rely on abductive reasoning by creating a wide variety of ideas to explore the what works and what doesn't. It's how we understand what the real problem is and what solutions will resolve it.

Rapid Modeling

Sketching is one of the key ways of a designer quickly expressing multiple solution proposals. It's rapid, low-investment, and gives immediate feedback. Unlike design programs, there's no bulky interface to get between the human and the medium. It's an immediate conversation with the solution.

Achieving a Solution-Fit

Design may be accused of being useless musings about unicorns and rainbows, but when it's properly performed, it results in a new solution that surprises and delights its recipients. It provides an end result that fits the discovered pains along the way. Through collaboration with others, and applying best practices, heuristics, design principles and evaluative measures based on goals, we can determine how solutions fit as they emerge. At the end of the day, design delivers a formed solution that fits with the problem.

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