Front-End Developer

A favorite part of design work is seeing your creations come to life. I receive a great deal of satisfaction in hand-building designs with web technologies. I became intrigued with web code over 20 years ago and never stopped building them along the way.

Building with Code

Being a details-oriented person, it's great to focus on the intricacies of the rigid frameworks in the world of development. My focus is on well-written, front-end code that powers the most visual layers of the interwebs. It's so satisfying to finesse the minute details with expertise and skill creating interactive magic.


This is my favorite part of coding. These are the backbone and core of all web documents. I love building the foundational structures with HTML and then layering the seasoning and spices of CSS to bring elaborate designs to life and using helpful Node environments like SASS. These are my jam.


PHP was the first dynamic language I ever learned. It continues to be a core discipline of mine and allows me to work on content management systems like Craft, Wordpress, and ExpressionEngine to empower non-developers to own and manage their own work.


I also maintain basic JavaScript skills, working with raw JS ES5 and growing in my ES6 skills. I also work in frameworks like jQuery to extend functionalities for specific instances. JavaScript allows me to extend functionality and capabilities of basic HTML and CSS to bend and mold the DOM in new and exciting ways.

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