The other day I put my glasses and something was wrong. For some reason, everything I looked at was cloudy. What was the problem? It was lack of clarity.

The Power of Bad Communication

You can probably remember a time when you were really confused. You heard or read something and just didn’t know where to go from there. Maybe you were frustrated, angry, or even discouraged from the encounter. That’s the power of bad communication. Cheer up though! Clear communication can have the exact opposite effect.

Empowerment in Clarity

Clarity in communication is foundational to building and maintaining relationships. Whether professional or personal, we all need to be on guard of creating a murky environment. By effectively communication, we can empower those around us to do great things. We can foster an efficient and positive relationships. If we are clear and respectful in what and how we communicate, the possibilities are endless.

If we are clear and respectful in what and how we communicate, the possibilities are endless.

So, What Do We Do?

First: Think. Don’t respond immediately. [Silence…] A little silence while you think about your response will go a long way to building clear communication. Just like writing an outline for a book or story, you can create a rough outline for your verbal responses.

Secondly, don’t add unnecessary fluff when you are writing emails because it may only serve to make your communication less clear.

Lastly, always be approachable. Face it: You are not always 100% right. If you are approachable and honest with those around you, it will foster two-way communication between you and those around you. You’re not a pillar that stands alone. You interact with people all the time. Strive to make your interactions positive.

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