Have you heard of this thing Li-Fi? It’s like Wi-Fi, but it uses off-the-shelf existing, LED lights to transmit data to a digital device. It seems like a bright idea.

You might ask ‘Why?’

Well, Harald Haas makes a great point in the video below. With the growing number of devices and users on the internet, we need to start looking at using existing infrastructure to lessen the burden on our energy grid. If we use LED lights, we’re replacing hungry incandescence as well as doing away with our wireless transmitters. Effectively we’re combining items together.

I’ve done some reading on it and have heard that it’s fast. Really fast. Blazing fast. 100x faster than current Wi-Fi fast. That’s enough to keep me interested. Our house has been converting to LED bulbs over the past year, and it’s been a great experience. In one room we have 8 floodlights that draw less wattage than a single 60-watt incandescent.

Pretty amazing. And with the ever decreasing costs of LED bulbs, this Li-Fi idea seems to have some legs.

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