Authored by Jesse James Garrett

I've been doing web design and development for years, but I was always frustrated by people continually misusing and abusing user experience terms. After spending an afternoon plowing through this book, I now have a much broader understanding of how all of those terms fit together.

Garrett's book, The Elements of User Experience, provides a framework that gives clarity and understanding to the various terms, assets, and disciplines that you hear on a regular basis. Moving from abstract to concrete is one of the core values of the user experience industry. More importantly, understanding the different layers of user experience and how they impact each other will provide you with the power to navigate the world of UX more effectively.

I'd highly recommend this book whether you're a seasoned user experience designer or new to the industry. This book will give you the foundational understanding you need to effectively work in the UX field or with UX designers. This book will provide clarity to the endless jargon and provide insight to the correct usage of meaningful UX terms.

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