When I first saw Sparkbox tweet about their new idea of #startYourShift, I was immediately drawn in. How to make the web better? I had a thousand ideas of what I wanted to write about, but ran into trouble narrowing down my options. Ideas spanned across great UX, user centered design, accessibility, simplicity and humility in your attitude. These are all areas I’m passionate about. And then it hit me: Passion. Passion was the common element that linked it all together.

Passion Spreads

Over my working career, I’ve been blessed to work with many passionate people. I have learned a lot from them, and I have seen the power of passion. When you are passionate about what you do, it shows. Not just in your work, but in your attitude. Coworkers are inspired by you. Clients are impressed with the end product. People respond to passion.

The best part about passion is that it can spread like wildfire. When you jump head first into something you love, it’s attractive to those around you. It engages those around you at a deeper level and makes them excited about that very thing that you’re excited about.

Passion Makes It Better

So, how can we make the web better? Be passionate about it. Your passion can help inspire and build a deeper community. It can help us all to do better. If UX is your thing, then be passionate about great UX. Write articles, interview, guest blog, etc.

If performance gets your mojo going, then show us how to make performance a BFD. Teach us about best practices and introduce us to a performance mindset.

If accessibility is your wheel house, then shout it from the rooftops. How can we do better at accessibility? Where do we start?

Passion Is Un-Hideable

If you are truly passionate about something then it can’t be hidden. In writing this article, I am challenging myself and you, the audience, to be passionate. You can have a single passion, or multiple passions, but just be passionate. If you work in the web industry and you’re not passionate about it, you’re doing everyone a disservice. You won’t grow and the end product won’t shine.

Instead, join our team. Join the team of those who love the web and want to make it better. Find something you love, then push the boundaries of it. Experiment. Fail. Succeed. Keep pushing. I truly believe that will make the web better. I truly believe a deep, sincere passion for the web is the best way to make it better.

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